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Konference ARI:
Tendering on Best Price-Quality Ratio the BEST VALUE Approach

19. 11. 2018
od 9:00

CAMP Praha, Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2


Opening speech and welcoming participants – Tomas Janeba, ARI

Dan Tok, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic

Zbynek Horelica, State Fund for Transport Infrastructure, Director


Pavol Kovacik, The Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia, President

Daniel Fedson, Global Infrastructure Hub, Director


Gabriela Teletin, EIB, Senior Technical Assistance Officer, Procurement Department


Jaap De Koning, Witteveen+Boss, Netherlands


Wouter Smits, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Netherlands


Tomas Janeba - Opening the second part of the conference


CASE STUDY: The Procuring Authority’s View – Wouter Smits


CASE STUDY: The contender's View – Jaap De Koning


PANEL DISCUSSION – Jaap De Koning a Wouter Smits

PANEL DISCUSSION – The Czech and Slovak national procurement authorities

Ing. Martin Kolovratnik
Committee on Economic Affairs, Vice-chairman

Ing. Petr Rafaj
Antimonopoly Office of the Czech Republic (ÚOHS), Director

JUDr. Miroslav Hlivak, PhD., LLM.
National Procurement Office of the Slovak Republic (ÚVO SR), Director

JUDr. Denisa Zilakova
Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for investments and Informatization of the SR, General Director

Ing. Pavol Kovacik
Zväz stavebných podnikateľov Slovenska, President

Tomas Janeba - Opening the third part of the conference


CASE STUDY: Tender for the Feasibility Study of Highspeed RailIng – Martin Svehlik and Petr Provaznik, Rail Infrastructure Administrator (SŽDC)


CASE STUDY: Public Procurement of Cleaning Services – Martin Hadas, Masaryk University in Brno


CASE STUDY: Tender for ITC Services – Jiri Simon, Ministry of Agriculture


PANEL DISCUSSION: The future potential & limitations

Ing. Martin Svehlik
Rail Infrastructure Administrator (SŽDC), Department of Strategy

Ing. Petr Provaznik
Rail Infrastructure Administrator (SŽDC), Department of Strategy

Mgr. Josef Hlavicka
AK Havel & Partners, Partner

Mgr. Jiri Simon
Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (MZE ČR), Head of Public Procurement

Mgr. Martin Hadas LL.M.
Masaryk University in Brno, Head of Public Procurement



Czech Infrastructure Association (ARI), Association of the Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia (ZSPS), Public Procurement Association (AVZ), State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) in cooperation with European Investment Bank (EIB), Global Infrastructure Hub(GIH) and Rijkswaterstaat – Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (the Netherlands) held the international conference: Tendering on Best Price-Quality Ratio – the BEST VALUE Approach.

The organisers believe that the BEST VALUE Approach applied in public procurement of intellectual services and works will increase overall quality of bids, services provided and the final outcomes. It has a potential to bring a step improvement in delivering modern and efficient public infrastructure in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The following speakers took part in the conference:

  • Dan Ťok – Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic,
  • Martin Kolovratník – Committee on Economic Affairs, Vice-chairman,
  • Zbyněk Hořelica – State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFTI), Director,
  • Petr RafajAntimonopoly Office of the Czech Republic (ÚOHS), Director,
  • Miroslav Hlivák – National Procurement Office of the Slovak Republic (ÚVO SR), Director,
  • Gabriela Teletin – EIB, Senior Technical Assistance Officer, Procurement Department,
  • Wouter Smits Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands,
  • Jaap De Koning – Witteveen+Bos, the Netherlands.